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The directory of the winegrowers and wines of France

A map of wines of France representing all the wine regions with their winegrowers, the wine-producing cooperatives, the wine syndicates and all the wines produced under naming (A.O.C.) Wine of controlled origin, Wine bounded of superior quality (VDQS), Local wine (VDP).

Go to page France to find 12600 winegrowers, know all their wines, discover their site or contact them by email.

Websites giving information onto wines, club of tasting, trainings of oenology, shops on-line.

Website which talk about the wine current events in the world and give a quantity of information specially for the professionals but which the amateurs will also like knowing. Also websites such as Vitijob for those who look for some work in this sector, vinimarket a precious help for the marketting of the winegrowers.

Terroir Expérience
Le Guide du Vin de Terroir Expérience aims at facilitating you the search for information on the wine world on internet. So it includes several hundreds of websites dedicated to the wine and to the bodies of the wine sector . Terroir Expérience organizes websites of oenology. It gives information onto the specialized guides the list of which you have above.

Amateurs of wine give you their opinion onto wines.

Patrimoine des terroirs
Protect the environment, promote our soils, respect the processes of the wine making and by the same the consumers, here is some of the objectives that we pursue within "Patrimoine des Terroirs". It is also the common will of several domains to join around a common project : that to promote the wine wealth of our France. We are fascinated, representative winegrowers of our naming and wish to value our initiative.

Confession Wine club
Bienvenue sur ce nouveau blog qui n’a qu’un objectif, vous faire découvrir les vins que nous avons aimé... ou pas.
Pas de moyenne dans nos dégustations. Seuls le plaisir et les ressentis nous guident.
Qui sommes nous ? Trois amateurs de vins tout simplement. Nous ne sommes ni caviste ni sommelier ni restaurateur.
Bonne découverte