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The directory of the wine growers and wines of France

A map of wines of France representing all the wine regions with their wine growers, the wine-producing cooperatives, the wine syndicates and all the wines produced under naming (A.O.C.) Wine of controlled origin, Wine bounded of superior quality (VDQS), Local wine (VDP). The list of the Turism Offices and the wine growers who welcome you for holidays.

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Tourism Offices - Museum partners

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Official website of the Tourist office of Cadillacais and Langoiran, its most beautiful patrimonial, wine and landscaped wealth.


The tourist information office: an irreplaceable interlocutor to make a success of your stay..
Created in 1998 at instigation of the Municipality, the tourist information office of Portets answers all the information concerning the various needs of the everyday life: that to make for Portets, where stroll, where to eat and where to spend the night, when to make its shopping?
An impressive documentation on the municipalit, the canton and more generally the Gironde, Aquitaine, is at the disposal of the public. It is the inescapable stage of a stay made a success in the municipality.
It is also the shop window of the wine castles of Portets. We shall find thus the list of the wine growers as well as the wine bottles there to be bought (it is practical for the visitors who have no time to stop in castles). Portets is in the heart of prestigious naming Grave and proposes remarkable wines.
We also propose in the sale of jams, honey and memories such as postcards.
Schedules of opening: on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 1:30 am till 5:30 am Friday and Saturday from 10 am till 12 am and of 1 pm 30à 17 hour 30. Closed on first Saturday of every month.


Jewel of the"Côtes de Nuits", Gevrey-Chambertin and its region remains an inescapable stage on the Road of the Vintage wines of Bourgogne.
Earth of famous Vintage wines, Chambertin or Musigny, here blooms the black pinot on a soil blessed by the gods.
Of their long history rocked by the Abbey of Cîteaux and Cluny, our towns preserve the track of an eloquent heritage which knew how to grow rich and diversify in the course of ages. For a stroll between cellars and stones, between vineyard and sauvag nature.


MURVIEL LES BEZIERS (Région des Pechs)

Tourism office, city of Cabrerolles - Causses & Veyran - Murviel - Pailhès - Saint Geniès de Fontédit - Saint Nazaire de Ladarez - Thézan
The small area of Pechs, “the hills” in occitan, is located on the first buttresses of the Massif Central. These slopes offer varieties of exceptional landscapes. The traces of human occupation go back to the néolothique one: the hills are marked out stone low walls dry, capitelles, vaults (dating from the Early middle ages at the XXème century), strong castles at the top of the pechs around whose the villages in circulade are held. Borrow our hiking trails, ways multiséculaires, visit the Castles & wine Domaines, taste their vintages and our products of the soil, plunge in our rivers! Animations, the markets accompany you all the year.


The wealth and the variety of its history hoisted Vienna to the rank of the cities of art and history. It is pleasant to promenade in the historic center, where the vestiges of past, of the Gallo-Roman in the revival (Site and archaeological museum Temple d'Auguste et Livie, Cathédrale St Maurice, Eglise et Cloître de St André Le Bas, Belvédére du Mont Pipet) conjugate with an active commercial life and an intense cultural activity.
For a stay in the heart of the Gallo-Roman sites, in the nature of the Regional Park of Pilat, among the vineyards of Côte-Rôtie and Condrieu, or in the atmosphere of the International Festival of Jazz, our services are at your disposal.

Museum of St Romain en Gal
In 30 km in the South of Lyon, on the right bank of the Rhône, the archeological site of St-Romain-en-Gal - Vienna offers on more than three hectares the vestiges of a district of the Roman city of Vienna, which extended formerly on both sides of the Rhône. To answer the requirements of a museum of site, assure the presentation, the study and the preservation of collections, Philippe Chaix and Jean-Paul Morel, prize-winners of architects' competition, realized two very different buildings in their conception.
Die Gesamtheit, die 1996 beendet ist, stellt eine Oberfläche über 12 000 m2.
Along the river, the building of permanent exhibition built over a Roman house is implanted on piles.
Perpendicular in the Rhône, the building of reception in the concrete structures seems strongly anchored on the ground. It welcomes the various functions of the museum: box office, temporary exhibition, shop and restaurant.

Close to vineyards of Condrieu and Coast(Rib) Rotie the Museum organizes every year in September, October " THE VINALIA " The Roman grape harvests.
In 2007 to prolong this evocation of the wine in the Roman time the museum also proposed studios tastings of wines animated by Michel BOUVIER historian of the Wine. Thanks to a conference and a tasting of wine, the museum proposes you a surprising and fascinating initiation to discover the multiple flavours of the antique wines.


MURVIEL LES BEZIERS (Région des Pechs)

Office intercommunal, communes de Cabrerolles - Causses & Veyran - Murviel - Pailhès - Saint Geniès de Fontédit - Saint Nazaire de Ladarez - Thézan
La petite région des Pechs, "les collines" en occitan, est située sur les premiers contreforts du Massif Central. Ces coteaux offrent une variétés de paysages exceptionnels. Les traces d'occupation humaine remontent au néolothique : les collines sont jallonées de murets en pierres sèches, capitelles, chapelles (datant du haut moyen âge au XXème siècle), châteaux forts au sommet des pechs autour desquels se déroulent les villages en circulade. Empruntez nos sentiers de randonnées, des chemins multiséculaires, visitez les Châteaux & Domaines viticoles, dégustez leurs crus et nos produits du terroir, plongez dans nos rivières ! Les animations, les marchés vous accompagnent toute l'année.


MICROCOSMOS Cité des Insectes à ST PONS

Jean-Henri Fabre, father of the modern entomology, dreamed " to compose a City of the Insects which would have been most disturbing revelations on the life. ". Following the success of the film Microcosmos, the people of the herb, and thanks to the partnership between the producers of the film and the General Council of the Aveyron, this dream was born in Saint-Léon, its home town.