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The Directory of the Wine growers and Wines of France
Our partners in the Country of the Jura

In the list below, you will have a direct access to the site of the wine growers by a simple click on their name (1)
By returning you on the map of the vineyards of France by making a research by the name, the municipality or the wine produces, you will find more than 12 500 wine growers

(1) Those who can accommodate the tourists are followed of ( H ) (Ch) (Gî), organize receptions seminars (Rs) or have a restaurant (R).

BERTHET-BONDET à Château Châlon (Gî)
Our wines: Côtes du Jura, Château Châlon, Crémant du Jura, Vin Jaune ou Clavelin, Macvin, Vin de Paille.

Domain of 10 ha created in 1985. Tasting in a beautiful vault of a house of the 16éme century, without appointment on Saturday, holidays and July and August. And every day on appointment. Village classified among the " more Beautiful Villages of France "

Welcome to our holiday cottage. 4 independent rooms having each the bathroom. We can welcome to 12 persons

CHATEAU D ARLAY à Arlay (Rs) (Aa) (R)
Our wines : Côtes du Jura, Vin Jaune en Clavelin, Macvin, Vin de Paille, Marc et Fine du Jura.

Domain constituted from the Middle Ages, later will become "royal Vineyard" always belongs to the same family. In 1960 the Count R. de Laguiche creates a real wine-producing company reappointed on 5 continents. Private domain and ancient memorial the castle and its gardens are opened to the public (garden of the games, the romantic park, birds of prey Jurafaune) Rents of room for exhibitions artists, seminars, meal-tastings.

Our wines : Arbois. Vin Jaune ou Clavelin, Macvin, Vin de Paille, Crémant du Jura.

In 1906 the wine growers create here the first Cooperative of France and under their impulse in 1936 Arbois becomes the first French AOC Storage more than 1 million bottles Vault of tasting 43 places of the freedom and 40 street Jean Jaurès.

GRAPPE Didier à St Lothain (Gî) (AB)
Our wines : Côtes du Jura, Vin Jaune en Clavelin, Macvin, Vin de Paille.

The field is in biological conversion and our wines have the medal of the best quality-price ratio of the wines of the Jura by the review "Wine of France".
Didier and Aurélie receive you in this village typically Jurassien Our lodging classified label "Clévacances" is on ground level of our house, big room to eat, living room bar and large bedroom + divan in the living room, kitchen very equipped and a court terrace.
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MONNIER Grégory à Montaigu (AB)
Our Wines : Côtes du Jura,Château-Châlon, Macvin, Vin de Paille, Wine bio Côtes du Jura Chardonnay Shop on line : o-vignerons.com

Return to basics on the family domain of 3ha which 35 has of prestigious naming Château-Châlon. Worried about environmental problems I turn to the organic farming with a chardonnay aged in oak barrel.

TOURNELLE (Domaine de la) à Arbois
Our wines : Arbois blanc et rouge, Vin Jaune ou Clavelin, Macvin, Vin de Paille, Marc du Jura.

To elaborate of natural vintage wines, we need healthy grapes thanks to the use of organic products Are excluded insecticides, chemical weedkillers manual Sorting, elaboration of wines without baking powder give quality products.